The Best Warehouse Flooring & Coating Options that Won’t Break the Bank

best warehouse flooring options

The Best Warehouse Flooring & Coating Options that Won’t Break the Bank

Arguably, warehouse flooring is the most important part of this type of building. Therefore, you should read the following before you decide on an option for your warehouse.

Traditional Concrete

The old standby for warehouse flooring is traditional concrete and it’s not hard to understand why. Concrete is extremely affordable, making it a fantastic option for warehouses of any size; you don’t have to worry that a larger space is going to bury your budget.

That being said, concrete can only take so much wear and tear before you’re going to start dealing with cracks and other forms of damage. While these and other issues may not be huge problems initially, it will only be a matter of time before you have to address them.

Of course, some cracks can turn into potholes rather quickly and will need to be mended right away so they don’t make the operation of forklifts and other large pieces of equipment too dangerous.

Stained Concrete

There’s no mistaking the look of stained concrete. It brings out the organic tones of this traditional material and gives it an attractive gloss.

While stained concrete can be plenty durable, it’s best for commercial purposes. If you have a warehouse that is open to your customers or that you will otherwise regularly bring clients to, stained concrete is a great warehouse flooring option for making a favorable first impression.

Yet, despite the fact that it looks like a million bucks, stained concrete is actually very affordable (not that you need to tell your clients).

Polished Concrete

Like the stained version, polished concrete looks fantastic. Another big advantage of polished concrete for your warehouse is that it seals up the surface of this material keeping small particles and other forms of debris from being forced into penetrating it. This can make maintenance difficult and, eventually, costly.

By making the concrete in your warehouse denser, you’re also going to guard against oil, water and other contaminants breaking it down over time.

This fortification will even boost its ability to resist abrasions and impacts. If your warehouse is like most, this is a huge plus as both are constant risks.


One of the more affordable warehouse flooring options on the market, polyurea is both durable and very customizable. This makes it a great choice for any warehouse owner who wants their floor to look nice but is more worried about keeping it in one piece because of the presence of heavy equipment.

It’s abrasion and chemical resistant, yet also offers extreme adhesion, which means your workers will be safe, even when the floor gets a bit wet. This slip resistance makes polyurea ideal for warehouses where workers are constantly going in and out during the day.

Best of all, our Penntek polyurea topcoat also comes with an excellent warranty that is tough to beat, making it our top choice for most warehouse installations!


Finally, we have epoxy, another very easy warehouse flooring option to recommend because it’s nearly indestructible.

While many warehouse owners choose to leave epoxy as is, if you’re worried about how it will look, you can always dress it up with decorative quartz or paint ships. More and more homeowners are choosing epoxy for their garages solely because of how attractive it is compared to boring gray concrete.

With all the different options for epoxy installation, it will be easy to find one for your budget, as well.

You can’t take your warehouse flooring too lightly. This decision will have a huge impact on how much you need to spend in the future in order to keep your warehouse well-maintained and safe. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the above options, contact PDC Coatings. We have 15+ years in this industry and would be happy to answer any of your questions.



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